ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module (b-stock)

ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Modul
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ATV - aD5 Electronic Drum Module (b-stock)

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  • Enjoy uncompromised drum sound of superior quality
  • Use an excellent sound library with dynamically playable high-quality multi-layer sounds
  • Play acoustic snare drums, natural bass drums and long swinging toms
  • Benefit from brilliant, vital cymbal sounds from samples of Zildjian and Sabian cymbals
  • Be absolutely on point thanks to the very low latency of the trigger engine
  • Take advantage of compatibility with virtually all trigger pads and e-drum kits

The ATV aD5 is all about purism. The core of the sound library consists of 5 very acoustic sounding drum sets from the jazz, rock and pop genres with the meaningful names Legacy Jazz, Metal 9000, Real Groove, True Acoustic and Vintage Studio. They consist of dynamic multi-layer sounds in high quality.

You can choose from acoustic snare drums, natural bass drums and long-swinging tom sounds. For cymbals, the aD5 offers you excellent samples of instruments from the cymbal forges of Zildjian and Sabian. Overall, the ATV aD5 delivers uncompressed natural sounds at a very high level.

The samples are generated by a trigger engine with a very low latency of only 4 milliseconds. The aD5 is compatible with almost all trigger pads of and with the included wiring harness it can be easily installed in an existing e-drum set. So you can expand your already existing e-drum with this drum module for a high-quality acoustic sound variant or create your own individual set from scratch. The aD5 is also compatible with 3-zone pads from ATV, Roland, EFNote and Alesis.


  • First class uncompressed acoustic drum kits in their purest form
  • Access to the ATV Sound Store with an constantly growing selection of high quality drum sets for free download
  • Compatible with snare pads with dual-zone triggering, toms with single-zone triggering and suitable for cymbals with 2 and 3 trigger zones of almost all manufacturers on the market
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Best-Kit function for quick selection of your favorite sounds
  • Crosstalk cancel wizard to prevent crosstalk with your pads
  • Noble module design with brushed aluminum surface
  • Easy to integrate into your existing set
  • Multipin connector with 10 labeled mono and stereo jack cables for 8 pads
  • 2 AUX inputs for additional trigger inputs
  • SD card slot for loading sounds and backups
  • 3.5mm mini jack and USB-B port

Scope of delivery:

  • ATV xD5 Modul
  • Wiring harness
  • Holding plate

A module for purists

The aD5 offers you exceptional sound quality in the acoustic drum range. Its presets consist of uncompressed multi-layer sounds with no frills and no unnecessary effects to mix in. Acoustic drums in their purest form.

High-End Studio-Module

With its stereo sum as output signal and by concentrating on the essentials and the consequent renunciation of incidentals like metronome, internal effects or single outputs, the ATV aD5 is absolutely recommended as a studio module. For live use on stage, single channel outputs would be an advantage. The team headed by Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi has deliberately dispensed with these and thus defines the application focus of this module.

Secondary module with special alignment or centerpiece of your custom e-drums

Due to its high compatibility with most pads on the market and with the included wiring harness, the module can easily be installed into an already existing E-Drum-Kit and provides a very special added value with its first-class sounds for your existing E-Drum-Kit. You can also use it as the centerpiece for a newly built individual custom e-drum set.

Access to even more high-quality sounds

With the ATV Sound Store, you have access to an ever-growing selection of other high-quality drum sets for free download.

Useful features

Its Best Kit function lets you switch between your favorite sounds. The Crosstalk Cancel Wizard prevents crosstalk when pads are next to each other. In addition to the harness with its 10 connections for 8 pads, you have 2 more inputs in for additional triggers. Backups and additional sounds can be loaded with the SD card slot and the USB-B port is the interface to your home recording components. But even without a studio you can celebrate the sounds of the ATV xD5 - a good pair of headphones with 3.5 mm jack plug is enough.

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