ATV aD-CH17 - aDrums artist 17" China Cymbal

ATV aD-CH17 - aDrums artist 17" China Cymbal
ATV aD-CH17 - aDrums artist 17" China Cymbal
ATV aD-CH17 - aDrums artist 17" China Cymbal
ATV aD-CH17 - aDrums artist 17" China Cymbal
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ATV aDrums artist Cymbal 17"

  • Real china cymbal size with fascinating natural feel and vibration behavior, 360° playable and chokeable
  • Dynamic and very high-resolution cup, bow and edge triggering by three different touch zones*
  • Each cymbal also playable as a 3-zone ride cymbal
  • Perfect response of Edge and Bow in Dual Zone mode
  • Perfect edge, bow and cup response in 3-zone operation
  • Quiet as almost no other e-cymbal thanks to very high quality silicone surface

*in combination with a compatible sound module

With the artist series, ATV defines the upper class of its E-cymbals. In sizes from 10" to 12", 14", 16" to 18", you can integrate each of these cymbals as a classic splash, crash and ride cymbal in your E-drum. Hi-hats in 12" and 14", the 17" China cymbal and an FX cymbal in 17" round off the well thought-out cymbal family.


  • Very good playfeeling
  • Original china cymbal size
  • Universally usable - can also be used as a ride cymbal with a cup
  • 360° playable and chokeable
  • High velocity sensitivity with wide dynamic range
  • Very quiet attack noise
  • 3 trigger zones
  • 2 trigger jack inputs
  • Robust silicone rubber coating
  • Fully compatible with all e-drum modules from ATV, Roland, Alesis, Pearl

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x ATV aD-CH17 17" E-Cymbal Pad
  • 1 x User Manual

Delivery does not include cables

Looks like a china - sounds like a china - if you want!

The size of 17" corresponds to that of an acoustic china cymbal. As a skilled acoustic drummer, the "real" diameter is ergonomically perfect for your playing technique.

But there is a lot more!

Depending on the sound module, it is also easily possible to assign any other imaginable sample sound to this 17" cymbal. This means that it can also be used as a ride cymbal, among other sounds. This is because each artist cymbal has all the features of the complete series.

And there are plenty of them!

The artist cymbals can be played and choked on the entire surface in 360°. You can literally play them the way you want. They are very sensitive to your hits and strokes and their velocity is breathtakingly real.

It feels – ALMOST - like metal!

The haptic feel of the strokes and rebounds is very close to an acoustic cymbal. The cup and the bow react tangibly directly when played with the tip of the stick, while the stroke of the cymbal rim with the shaft of the stick makes the cymbal plunge away almost as smooth as butter.

This is due to the redesigned pivot point and the robust silicone-rubber surface, which provides pure authenticity, especially at the edge.

The pivot point allows the cymbal to be mounted on any conventional cymbal holder, just like an acoustic cymbal. You don't need any rotation stoppers as with other e-cymbals. The result is a completely free swinging behavior in all directions.

Technical data:

  • Size: 17"
  • Surface: special silicone
  • Color: anthracite
  • Trigger input: 2 x 6.3 mm jack socket
  • (No accessories, cables etc. included!)
Trigger zones: Triple Zone
Type: China
Size in inch: 17
Farbe: Schwarz

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