Arborea Mute Low Noise Cymbal Set 368 13"HH, 16"Crash, 18"Ride


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Arborea Mute Low Noise Cymbal Set 368 with 13" HiHat, 16" Crash and 18" Ride

A convincing low noise cymbal alternative to Zildjian Gen16, L80, Sabian Quiet Tone, Millenium Still Cymbals and many other practice and training cymbals.
Low noise + great sounds + perfect playing feel for practice at home or small club gigs that require a more quiet sound.
No compromises - a true drums cymbal - Arborea Mute and Bronze-8

  • Material: Nickel based alloy
  • Well rounded cymbals with smooth attack
  • The cymbals from the Arborea low noise series are 70% - 85% less noisy than regular drum cymbals
  • All low noise cymbals from Arborea feature a full and differentiated range of sound and are available from splash to china cymbals with everything in between that can be purchased individually
  • Thanks to the authentic rebound these low noise cymbals can be played just like regular full-acoustic cymbals
  • The room-sound is often described as pleasantly quiet while still allowing for dynamic playing.

In which situations should I choose low noise cymbals?

  • When you're practicing you can get the actual playing feel while keeping the volume down and your spouse and neighbors happy
  • During unplugged gigs and similar events: Have you ever played a living room gig? Sometimes it's even a great choice for band practice, depending on your style of music and the room.
  • Low noise cymbals combined with overhead mics are the ultimate hybrid drumming solution - check out our YouTube for video demos!
  • Build your own practice drum kit: Add low noise cymbals to practice and traveller kits and voila: You have a quiet and light-weight training setup that can even go on the road.

Arborea - the traditional cymbal manufacturer:

Arborea is part of the Asian copper-manufacturing craft from which many wonderful cymbals and brass instruments are created since well over 100 years ago. This craft was traditionally passed down from generation to generation.
Every on of the Arborea cymbals is handmade.
The ancient process of crafting a cymbal by manual labor is combined with modern technology to achieve consistently great cymbals with a well-rounded sound for a fair price.
Importing them directly from the source allows us to price them competitively so that they can get in the ring with Zildjian Gen16 and L80, Sabian Quiet Tone and other competitors.
We are especially fond of the B8 bronze Arborea Mute series, which is absolutely stunning in this price range!

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