Alfred Music Publishing Anika Nilles Pad Book ISBN 978-3947998173

Alfred Music Publishing Anika Nilles Pad Book

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Alfred Music Publishing Anika Nilles Pad Book

If you can't practice regularly on the drumset, you will already have bought a drum pad. But practicing without a drumset is special! Because if you don't only want to keep your hands flexible, but also want to practice EFFECTIVE on the pad, Anika Nilles' PAD BOOK is the right thing for you! In her self-developed TRAINING SYSTEM, Anika presents a variety of options as to WHAT and HOW to practice on the pad best. The Pad is especially suitable because it is essentially reduced to only ONE SOURCE OF SOUND. So you can continuously follow the process of your progress regarding stickings and rudiments, phrasing and rhythm concepts. In her FUNDAMENTAL WORKOUTS Anika dedicates a total of 280 pages to the topics SUBDIVISION STUDIES, MIXED METERS, INDEPENDENCE OF HANDS and POLYRHYTHMS. The result is a complete system with triplets, 16ths, quintuplets, sextuplets and septuplets, which are broken down into individual working steps - from very simple to complex rhythms. The focus is on building up and expanding the basics, sensitizing for time and rhythm as well as the numerous possibilities for expanding your own skills. Compilations of WARM-UPS give you an idea of how to develop your own rhythm patterns. The deeper meaning behind it is to make the exercise process CREATIVE, to work effectively on your own weaknesses, to develop new themes for yourself and to simply look at already familiar things from a different perspective. Back at DRUMKIT you will find that you can focus on more specific, musically relevant topics such as sound, orchestration and dynamics, as your hands, body and mind have already internalized and automated the basics practiced on the pad. Just FUNDAMENTAL!


  • by Anika Nilles
  • Studies on subdivision, mixed meters, independence of hands and polyrhythms
  • ISBN 9783947998173, publishing house no. ALF 20284G
  • Format: DIN A4
  • 280 pages
  • in German language


Language: Deutsch

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